Event dates

The English Department of the Faculty of Letters, West University of Timișoara, is pleased to announce its 33rd international conference on British and American Studies, which will be held on April 25-27, 2024. 

Confirmed Plenary Speakers: 

  • Prof. Jorge Diaz-Cintas, University College, London
  • Prof. Ruth Amossy, Tel Aviv University
  • Prof. Rareș Moldovan, Babeș-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca

Presentations (20 min) and workshops (60 min) are invited in the following sections: 

  • Language Studies  
  • Translation Studies  
  • British and Commonwealth Literature  
  • American Literature  
  • Cultural Studies  
  • Gender Studies  
  • English Language Teaching  


Discourse and civic engagement. Sites, modalities, methods of analysis

Against the backdrop of polarization, disinformation and mistrust, how we engage and are engaged on issues of public concern, in everyday and public discourse(s), are questions of utmost significance in current research. This panel seeks contributions from the field of discourse studies, or from related fields, that explore civic engagement in a range of domains, including, but not limited to, politics, media and communication, culture, translation, education. Our goals will be to identify recent developments in civic participation practices and to discuss how they can be meaningfully studied from discourse-based perspectives.

Convenor: Dr. Irina Diana Mădroane (irina.madroane@e-uvt.ro), West University of Timișoara

At the intersection of corpus linguistics and British and American Studies: language, literature and culture

The panel fosters a scholarly forum for multidisciplinary exchange of ideas between the corpus linguistics approaches and British and American literature and cultural studies. Interdisciplinary dialogues, such as those encompassing political sciences and history, and the incorporation of cutting-edge technologies at the confluence of these disciplines, also fall within the scope of this symposium. Theoretical, experimental and computational contributions are welcome.

Convenor: Dr. habil. Mădălina Chitez (madalina.chitez@e-uvt.ro), West University of Timișoara


Research trends and priorities in Translation Studies

Coordinator: Prof. dr. habil. Daniel Dejica, Politehnica University, Timișoara


Translating for social inclusion: the case for easy-to-read translation (E2R)

The workshop aims to offer answers to questions like: What exactly is E2R translation? What are its main features and underlying principles? Is it even translation ՙproper՚? Who is involved in E2R translation and whom is it for? Participants will also have the opportunity to engage in an E2R translation assignment. 

Coordinators: Prof. dr. habil. Simona Șimon, Assoc. prof. dr. Anamaria Kilyeni, Assoc. prof. dr. Marcela Fărcașiu, Politehnica University, Timișoara

Untangling the ropes of audio description

The workshop aims to raise awareness of the importance of audio description as a key mode of intralingual audiovisual translation and to give participants a hands-on approach to its formal constraints.

Coordinator: Assoc. prof. dr. Eliza Filimon, West University of Timișoara


Participants should indicate whether they would like their papers to be included in one of the two panels and whether they would like to attend the workshop(s) and the round table. 

Abstract submission 

Please submit 150-word abstracts, which will be included in the conference programme: 

Deadline: 15 February 2024 

Conference participation fees

  • The conference registration fee is EUR 120 or RON 600. 
  • For RSEAS members the fee is RON 400.  
  • For PhD students there is a 25% discount, i. e. EUR 90 or RON 450.
  • For PhD students who are also RSEAS members, the fee is RON 300.

Conference website: https://bas.events.uvt.ro/    

Event website: https://lit.uvt.ro/event/33rd-conference-on-british-and-american-studies/ 

For additional information, please contact: 

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